featuring Kim Jones

On Monday 2nd October 2006, the BBC1 series "Inside Out"
 featured the
Allodi Band
within its documentary for the London region.     

(Viewers outside London may have been shown a different programme)

Kim - Pretty in Pink!

Claudio on the job as always

Whats the story on our drummer who sings a bit?

A very tired Mr Allodi - without accordion repairs!

Kim Jones-Allodi  
Lead Vocalist

Claudio Allodi 
Acoustic & MIDI Accordion

 Chris Maxwell
Drummer - Vocalist

Emilio Allodi 
Bass Guitar and harmonies

Claudio.jpg (26762 bytes)The Claudio Allodi Orchestra in its present format has been together for many years.  Claudio started taking out his own band aged 15 and he and brother Emilio worked a 6 night residency in West End clubs and restaurants for more than a decade.  He is a self contained accordionist who transports you to France, Russia, Italy, Greece, Spain, in fact, anywhere in the world, with authentic melodies and sounds.  

Claudio also works as part of an acoustic duo or trio incorporating violin and guitar; has a terrific repertoire and creates a romantic, warm or fun environment to wine and dine in, whatever your budget.  His CV makes impressive reading with jobs ranging from Finchley to Florence,  Mayfair to Monte Carlo and Jersey to Japan!   Weddings, bar mitzvahs, engagement parties, corporate functions, even village halls; for clients such as Carluccio, Maureen Lipman, Margaret Thatcher even Prince Charles to name but a few.Kim & Claudio showing their French style!!!  In addition to the solo and band work, Claudio and Kim work together as a cabaret act in either French or Italian to make use of their Continental expertise.  This is ideal entertainment for theme nights anywhere or as a show for Corporate functions and parties.  Claudio is a competent, experienced, thoughtful band leader who organises your function or party so it runs like clockwork.  This is from his experience of many years playing at functions of all kinds and all venues. 
Many of us would not associate the accordion with modern music but it is trendy these days, and once the crowd is ready to “rock” Claudio makes use of the accordion's newest technology for chart and pop music.  In our opinion, that is the band's great strength -  it's unique versatility.  Most bands will play material that can cater for your average function, but we play and sing our way across the continents! 


Weddings; Parties; Masonics; French, Italian, Spanish theme nights; Corporate dances; Bar Mitzvahs  ...  
superb music, excellent musicians and outstanding vocals provide you with a wonderful 
atmosphere for any occasion

The band only play live music.  We do not use midi-files, or any pre-recorded backing tracks - ever.

- Mama Mia - Running Time 3 mins 28

  - "Now & Then" Disco Mix - Running Time 2 mins 5

   - JiveAllodi Mix Medley - Running Time 2 mins 7

  - Cha Cha Selection - Running Time 1 min 42

  - Je Ne Regrette Rien - Running Time 2 mins 40

- Latin Medley - Running Time 2 mins 46

- Milord  - Running Time 4 minutes

- Dancing Queen - Running Time 3 mins 42

Claudio Allodi Home Telephone & Fax Number: - (020) 8 441-1500
or mail me at
Mobile Telephone No:-  07985-520682

A voice, indeed music for that matter, is subjective, so thats why we've put up some demos for you to have a listen yourself.  There are plenty of song files to choose from above and below, either solo or with the band.   In addition to English, I sing in French and Italian, some Spanish and Portuguese.  What I can state without fear of contradiction, is that I have the largest active repertoire of most vocalists, anywhere.   

I sang as soon as I could talk, and probably, many would say, haven't shut up since then!  But they're just unkind:)  In reality that meant from the age of three.  I started my career as a solo performer.  At ten years old, I had a recording contract with RCA and management contract with London Management's GL Productions with Bernard Lee and Michael Grade as my personal managers.  They commissioned songs for me written by Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook and Jackie Rae was my record producer at that time.  I have most fond memories of the musical talents in my life during that period as those people who looked after me were so kind and it was a thrilling existence in every way.  However, nothing tops singing with an orchestra, before or since and probably never will.  By the time I reached 13 I had made many recordings and TV appearances including Des O'Connor "Tonight" show with Sacha Distel and had appeared at the Talk of the Town Night Club and the London Palladium. 

My own preference are twenties, thirties to fifties standards and classics, along with learning songs in a different language so if there's a pianist out there looking for a vocalist to do just this kind of work from time to time, do give me a call.  
In truth however, I love all good music and more importantly, I love to sing and never tire from the thrill of learning and loving a new song!  

I try to ensure that the band stay as up-to-date repertoire wise as we can within the limitations of the line-up we have.  So we will add current songs when we are able.  If you are looking to book the band, you may find it useful to look at our repertoire but we can do material at request if it is not shown there.   ...... click on the microphone to view  

If you would like to listen to Kim Jones sing simply click on the disc next to the song of your choice: -  
(please be advised that you require broadband connection to play these files in real time)

Mobile Telephone No:-
0781 153 3935
  or e-mail:-

      Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Full song
Accompaniament - Emilio Allodi

  Valentine - Full song
Accompaniament - Emilio Allodi

  Wee Small Hours of the Morning - Short version of full song
Accompaniment - Emilio Allodi

  - My Man - Full song
Accompaniament Hugh Ockendon - Piano & Keyboards/ Francois Pares Drums/Percussion

  - It's Gonna Take Some Time This Time - Full song

- Ti Sposero Perche - Full song
Accompaniment - Emilio Allodi

Thank you for listening to the demos.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have an enquiry.

Emplaybass.jpg (69820 bytes)We will keep this part brief as you already know so much about Emilio.   As the shop closes it's door for the night, he dons dinner suit, loads up the car and then with brother Claudio and wife Kim, plays the bass guitar in the Claudio Allodi Orchestra.  He and brother Claudio have played in their own bands together for over 35 years now.  They harmonise and have a Continental vocal sound very much their own.  In fact because this is such a close familial unit they have a real commitment to ensure that each one is as good as they can possibly be.  That makes for a lot of confidence for the client.   Privately, Emilio's own taste in music is more classical, specifically piano but he enjoys classical guitar too.  

Chris Silly.JPG (39510 bytes)Chris is our percussionist/drummer and singer.   He plays all styles of music and is an all round competent and talented musician.   Chris is as proficient on brushes with the "liscio" rhythms so loved by the Italians as he is with any music which is why he is such a favourite with our clients and venues alike, as he is also extremely "volume aware".   He embraces the philosophy that "less is more".  Chris's personal passion is for true American country music; which over the years has inspired him to write a considerable amount of his own songs.  Still waiting for that big hit however!   Chris is committed to every evening being a success and works equally as hard as any bandleader to ensure that happens.  He has a wicked sense of humour and is always fun and a must to have on a gig.   

As you may have gleaned by now, this is primarily a four piece band.  However, Claudio has the freedom to enlarge the band at any time by bringing in a guitarist/singer as and when the need arises or, a saxophonist or trumpet player, or if you wish, all three.  It is not uncommon at all for us to use a guitarist.  However, in the case of Claudio, as a solo performer and perhaps in the instance of smaller occasions in domestic surroundings, you might like the idea of him teaming up with a violin, flute, saxophone or indeed any instrument; again this is quite usual for Claudio and is no problem for him to arrange as he has a large stable of professional musicians to call on.   

The choice is entirely yours.  But rest assured, whether it be four or six musicians you choose to have, you and all your guests will have a good time and all musical tastes will be catered for. 

Always punctual, discreet and with all members of the band suitably and immaculately turned out, 
this is a band for any and every occasion.  

When your event is so special you need total confidence that the music is going to be perfect too.

All you need to know is that t
he Claudio Allodi Orchestra will not let you down.

The aim of this band on any occasion, is to provide entertaining, good music and a wonderful atmosphere to allow families, friends and all your guests to relax, socialise and dance the night away.


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