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Past and future ..... the V-Accordion

In central Europe in the mid 19th century a new concept of bellows and free-reed mechanism heralded the introduction of a totally new instrument - the acoustic accordion.  Since then, its unique character, portability and variety of sounds have made the accordion a much loved instrument with its popularity spread throughout the world.

The instrument had a dramatic effect on the popular music scene at the time and made music more widely available as a result.  However, over time, the accordion became more versatile to meet the local demands of each country, e.g. Italy, Germany, France, Argentina, North America and so on.   As a result, the accordion has never been a standardized instrument and because of its complicated mechanism and portability has not easily lent itself to digital innovation ... until NOW.

Roland is pleased to introduce yet another milestone in digital musical instrument history:  - the V-Accordion.  The Roland FR-5 and FR-7 are the first instruments of their kind to integrate powerful digital technology into a traditional accordion design, offering performance features and authentic sounds which appeal to a wide range of musical styles.

Super Realistic Accordion Simulation

The FR-8X can simulate many different accordion sound sets, each including 14 Treble Registers and 7 Free Bass Registers.  To create these high quality sounds, Roland engineers sampled scores of popular traditional acoustic accordions, resulting in a single instrument that can faithfully reproduce various models of traditional accordions, including their different tuning characteristics.  As a result, the V-Accordion can switch instantly from an Italian Jazz to a German Folk, French Musette or historic Bandoneon.

The Roland V-Accordion is available in two models.  The  FR-8 provides a unique, all-in-one portable instrument complete with internal speaker and amplification system.    

Both models are available in metallic wine red or metallic grey.

The FR-8X /V-Accordion appeals to a wide range of musicians, including professional entertainers who play in environments where mobility is essential, traditional accordionists, and those players who simply desire to stretch the limits of the traditional instrument.

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 Additionally, the V-Accordion's headphone practising feature and portability appeal to students, amateurs and any musician who desires greater flexibility and increased performance options in practise and performance environments.

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The FR-3X provides the same core technology as the FR-8X model but in a much more compact and lightweight instrument.  

37 key piano-type treble keyboard/120 bass buttons/7 new Orchestral Chord/Orchestral Free Bass registers with completely new sounds/Onboard MIDI socket.  

Supplied with an adapter and a battery compartment (for optional AA-type batteries)
Bellows resistance regulator
The FR-3X provides all the features of a traditional accordion and a whole lot more!  Lightweight and portable, the FR-3X  will be appreciated by budding accordion players and experienced entertainers alike for their portability and flexibility.

37 key piano-type treble keyboard/120 bass buttons

7 new Orchestral Chord/Orchestral Free Bass registers 
    with completely new sounds
Onboard MIDI socket

Supplied with an adapter and a battery compartment (for opt AA-type batteries)
Bellows resistance regulator

Weight - 8.3 kilos

Awaiting photo of the FR3X  - Shown opposite the earlier FR3S

Romano Viazzani is the UK demonstrator of the Roland V-Accordion
For more information about Romano go to