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Fantini/Allodi Black with name decoration

Fantini/Allodi Varnished Green Glitter

FanRed.jpg (21647 bytes)

FanWhite.jpg (33051 bytes)

Fantini/Allodi Red with name decoration

Fantini/Allodi White with name decoration

FanT45.jpg (28908 bytes)

Accord2.jpg (20582 bytes)

Fantini/Allodi T45 Full Decor incl. bellows star

Fantini/Allodi Extra Lusso Gold

AllodBellow.jpg (18339 bytes)

FantEagle.jpg (15604 bytes)Al

All models can have bellows decoration in any colours

"Eagle"  grille decoration with T45 pattern

FaSPiNeg.jpg (19474 bytes)

FanMais.jpg (14862 bytes)

Fantini/Allodi Grey with inverted keys

Fantini/Allodi White with  Red accidental & couplers

FaGreySP20GB.jpg (13129 bytes)

FanPP7FD.jpg (15010 bytes)

Fantini/Allodi black/grey mother of pearl finish

Fantini/Allodi Full "a ragi" decoration

Fantiniwoodmodel..JPG (392739 bytes)

FanBlue.jpg (23943 bytes)

Fantini Wood Model

Fantini/Allodi Blue with name decoration

FanGreen.jpg (23281 bytes)

FanBlu.jpg (26507 bytes)

Fantini/Allodi Green with matching accidentals

Fantini/Allodi Light Blue with matching accidentals

Any mixtures of colours, decoration, keyboards & bellows can be ordered for any model